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U-12 Wellesley Girls’ Ice Hockey Team Wins State Championship

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Ice hockey, a sport once belonging only to boys, has now become so popular with girls that it’s earned its place as a way to demonstrate just what girls are made of. And the Wellesley U-12 girls’ ice hockey A-team is as tough as they come.

Read more in the Digital Edition of the Fall 2017 Issue of WellesleyWeston Magazine.

3rd Annual Wellesley Wellness Retreat Taking Place January 28th

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Doors open at 8:00AM for an optional yoga class, then 9:00AM – 3:30PM for the day’s retreat.

Wellesley Wellness Retreat is a women’s restorative workshop, social gathering and learning experience. This year we’ll be focusing on self-care to thrive in a busy world. The day will include yoga, mindfulness, small group discussions and expert speakers on the following topics:

  • Essential Oils for Self Care with Molly Shrewsberry
  • Sex, Hormones… and More with Dr. Sri Sullivan
  • Form a Fitness Game Plan with Kelly Caiazzo
  • Mood and Food: Changing Habits for Healthy Living with Dr. Russell Kennedy
  • Simplifying Family Time with Polly Mahoney
  • Sleep to Thrive with Dr. Janine Pardo

A healthy, delicious lunch will be provided by Cocobeet. Additional sponsors such as Drink Maple, 88 Acres, Beautycounter, and Laughing Lotus Boutique will add to a day full of treats.

Individual appointments are available for nutrition counseling, life coaching, acupuncture, chair massage and more.

Registration is open at An early bird discount saves you $25 through the end of October.

The Times They are A-Changin’: Cannabis and Our Kids

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Last November, Massachusetts’ voters passed a measure legalizing the use of recreational marijuana by adults 21 and older. The new law—passed by 54 percent of voters—allows adults to use marijuana at home and makes Massachusetts one of eight U.S. states to legalize its recreational use. …

With the legal tide shifting, and public perception evolving, questions loom: How might this affect our kids? How do we talk to them about it? And what do we know about the effects of cannabis on the adolescent Brain?

Read more in the Digital Edition of the Fall 2017 Issue of WellesleyWeston Magazine!