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The Green Scene: Autumnal Majesty

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Falling leaves and temperatures indicate a change in Mother Nature’s modus operandi, a sign that things are slowing down, especially in our gardens. Plants are physically preparing for the dormant period ahead, but, before their long sleep, they put on a dizzying display of colors for a last hurrah of autumnal splendor. The crisp, clear air enhances the scale of colors from bright yellows and oranges to glowing pinks and reds. And as the season winds down, we get smoldering colors from the unsung heroes of our New England forests and one of my favorite trees—the oak.

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Where Nature Reigns: Weston Garden Club Revitalizes Forbes Conservation Land

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Less than a mile from Weston Center where Church Street bridges the Central Massachusetts Railroad grade, lies a pocket of conservation land that the Weston Garden Club has maintained for 25 years…

This year, to mark the park’s 25th anniversary, Weston Garden Club is launching a Forbes Land revitalization and reintroduction effort.

Read more in the Digital Edition of the Fall 2017 Issue of WellesleyWeston Magazine.

Wellesley Embraces Sustainable Energy

Since the dawn of recorded history, cultures and religions across the globe have revered the sun: from the Aztec god Nanahuatzin, the Berber god Magec, and the Inuit god Akycha to the Greco-Roman god Apollo. Profound respect for the sun’s life-enhancing powers endures today, including in Wellesley, although no longer through deities—instead, in the form of solar energy.

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