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Dover Rug & Home: How to Prevent Rug/Carpet Sun Fading

Summer is here and with it is the hot, strong sun.  While you may see this as an opportunity to tan, your rugs and carpets are hiding in fear. Why? Because, sun means only one thing for carpets and rugs—sun fading. Dover Rug & Home, offering the largest selection of fine floor coverings and window treatments in New England, shares their expertise on how to protect carpets and rugs from sun fading and even how to reverse the damaging effects.

How it occurs: Fading is a natural and normal process caused by many factors – location; exposure to light; color intensity; types of dyes and dying methods used. “Fine antique rugs in muted tones that enhance any decorating style go through a fading process inherent in all home furnishings – except these rugs look more beautiful with some aging and fading,” notes Mahmud Jafri, CEO of Dover Rug & Home.  “Fading actually starts the second you place your carpet or rug in natural light, even if you don’t notice it yet.  If you want to keep your carpet or rug in excellent condition the best time to take action is immediately,” warns Mr. Jafri.

How to prevent it: In addition to dulling the colors of your favorite carpet or rug, sun fading can also change the colors, making your carpet or rug unrecognizable. Thankfully, protecting them is not as difficult as one would think.  Here are steps we can all take to keep our carpets and rugs looking new:

Place carpets and rugs out of direct sunlight: Even if the sun can still reach it, your carpet or rug is safer in the center of the room as opposed to right next to the windows.

Close your draperies: If you do not like blocking the sun while you are at home, you can still close the drapes while you are at work, which are typically peak sun hours.

Use protective window treatments: It is very easy to find ultraviolet blocking window coatings, which can be unnoticeable if purchased in clear.

Use carpet/rug protectors: Many stores sell fluorocarbon protectors, which need to be applied periodically and offer another layer of protection for your carpets and rugs. Be sure the product you purchase is safe for your specific carpet or rug material.

How to reverse it: If you have already noticed sun fading there is no reason to worry! There are various ways to bring back the color of your carpets and rugs. One simple and safe way is a hot water and salt solution. First, combine equal parts hot water and salt and stir until the salt dissolves. Next, vacuum the carpet or rug well; then dampen a cloth and apply the mixture. Let the carpet or rug dry and vacuum again to remove the salt.

For more information on caring for your rugs and/or carpets, visit Dover Rug & Home’s website at www.doverrug.com or call (508) 651-3500.

Downton Abbey-inspired Garden Party

Tickets are now available for a Garden Party at Elm Bank in Wellesley inspired by Downton Abbey. This festive event will support the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s Garden to Table program. The party will be held on September 15 from 3:00 to 7:30 PM.

Spend the afternoon strolling through the exquisite Gardens at Elm Bank, admiring a handful of vintage cars, watching a professional cricket match at “tea time”, and more. At 5:30pm, the doors to the historic Hunnewell Building will open to a Pimms cup, beer & wine, and delicious hors d’ouevres from the Catered Affair. Join our best costume & best hat contests and win luxury prizes. Post-Edwardian era attire encouraged.

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Cradles to Crayons – Wellesley Back to School Drive

Wellesley Dental Group is inviting the community to join hands to support Cradles to Crayons’ *Ready for School* program which focuses on distributing the essentials children deserve and need to arrive at school ready. Their “KidPacks”are filled with clothing, shoes, books, and a brand new backpack.

Cradles to Crayons is a registered 501 (c)(3) charity and the full amount of the donation is tax deductible. To show appreciation, Wellesley Dental Group will give a credit towards their state-of-the-art whitening services in the amount matching the donation. The drive starts today through September 6th, 2013.

Let’s help make the first day of school an exciting endeavor for the children in need. Wellesley’s goal is $5,000; together we can do this!

Donate here: https://cradlestocrayons.fundraise.com/wellesley-dental-group

Wellesley Dental Group, 5 Seaward Road, Wellesley, is also a permanent drop-off location for Cradles to Crayons and we welcome donations throughout the year.